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New Patient - $125

Single - $165

Pack of 6 - $840 ($140 per session)

Pack of 12 - $1560 ($130 per session)

Pack of 20 - $2400 ($120 per session)



Single - $45

Pack of 6 - $210 ($35 per session)

Ear Seeds


Single - $30

Pack of 6 - $120 ($20 per session)


Single - $65

Pack of 6 - $330 ($55 per session)

-Personal Injury & Workers Comp-

Special Rates Do Not Apply


(By Appointment Only)


Pook Headshot.jpg

Pook felt a strong calling to become an Acupuncturist, when her father in law was able to avoid knee surgery, and heal naturally from regular acupuncture care. In 2013, Pook received her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from South Baylo University and began her practice in 2012. Originally from Thailand, Pook moved to the states where she joined the Halo Chiropractic Healing Collective. Today she has over 10 years of acupuncture experience.


Pook enjoys staying up to date with modern healing modalities of both Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She spends quality time understanding her clients’ bodies so they leave Halo feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually cared for. 

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