"I've been to five different chiropractors and simply put, Dr Iris is the best!! She is a wonderful person, beautiful on the inside and out. She is very intelligent and knows all about the human body and how everything works together. She truly cares about her patients and their health and making sure your body is functioning properly. Her office is very welcoming and her staff is filled with really kind people. Dr. Iris truly has a gift of light and love and you can feel it in her presence. Because of her, I am pursuing a career in chiropractics and begin attending school in July 2011." 
- JP

"Halo Staff is simply the best! Dr. Iris ROCKS hardcore! The office is a place of healing, recovery and comfort.  Get adjusted today! 5 STARS!"
- Ryan M.

"Halo Chiropractic is the best. Everyone in the office is warm and welcoming. Dr Iris and her staff make you feel like family. I always leave smiling. Thanks Halo!"
- Laura R.

"It's a wondeful experience going to Halo Chiropractic. The environment and employees are amazing! I feel relaxed when I'm there and I've learned a lot about how to take care of my spine. I never thought about visiting a chiropractor before my first appointment, but I think it's essential."
- John

"Great staff all around always feel welcome. A bonus Dr. Iris sings to you while getting adjusted."
- Daniel R.

OK I rarely give 5 stars but when the experience deserves it .. well 5 stars it is!
Dr Iris is great! Found her via yelp actually in search for a closer chiropractor and on my first visit she made me feel calm and relaxed. She explained everything she was doing and even scented the room with lavender to make you more relaxed. 
I have been here now just over 2 months and look forward to my visits as I know when I leave I will feel great. I also love her words of inspiration and on your 12 visit you get tested on what you have learned over the past visits (so remember what she says! LOL)
Can't wait for my visit next week! 
Plenty of free parking.. btw it is located inside a gym and the elevator to her floor is very very tiny so if you are claustrophobic like I am .. take the stairs:) 
- Christian

I am beyond satisfied with Dr. Iris. I have never been to a chiropractor and honestly, the entire process confuses me. That is until Dr. Iris willingly explained how it all worked. I just went in because of horrible back/neck pain I was having, not really knowing what I was getting into. 

Basically, this woman is an all-around good person. She is honestly true about helping others, making it as affordable as possible. 

- Lauren

Dr Iris is truly the most amazing, sweet and caring doctor I've ever met!!! When I first came in I had recently gotten hit by a car so I had a lot of pain in my lower back and headaches every day. They were able to get me in right away when I called and as soon as I stepped in I fell in love with the whole office. The super sweet staff, the positive, relaxing, healing atmosphere and Dr Iris. She cares so much for her patients, gives the best adjustments and she's helped me tremendously with both my back, neck and in life. Thank you for being so awesome!! :)
- Josephine 

I was rear-ended by a drunk driver almost 15 years ago. Ive been to a number of chiropractors - some quite pricey..some hailed as the 'best'  but NONE have given me the care and consideration and kindness and above all HELP that Dr. Iris has. She has a loving gentle touch and truly cares about not only whats she is doing but her clients well being! She knows whats she's doing and doesnt treat you like a number!- and in this day and age- that's a rarity!
- Michael

Dr Iris is very pleasant and clearly very passionate about what she does. She not only fixes your problem but also helps you understand the root causes and how everything connects to help you avoid future problems. I went in today with a serious back ache and  a few hours after her adjustment  I feel superb; Dr. Iris is a miracle worker!
- Ham

What a great place Halo Chiropractic is.  After a long day of travel, Dr. Iris was able to release all of the tension in my back and neck.  It was amazing how she listened to my concerns and knew just what to do.  I left the office ready to tackle Hollywood Blvd.  Dr. Iris and her staff are amazing!!!!!! Thank You Dr. Iris!!!!
- Gwenn

AMAZING chiropractor. Excellent masseuss as well. 

Very in tune with holistic, natural healing. Extremelly professional work. Homely welcoming environment. Positive enthusiastic attitude. Super reasonalble price (very attractive practitioners might I add). And you'll always leave with a smile and a tingling feeling inside your heart. =)
- Ryan

I came into the office in extreme pain -- completely afraid of getting chiropractic help but needing some relief. Could barely sit to fill out the paper work (which was brief and straightforward). Felt INCREDIBLE leaving! Dr Iris has a unique style of chiropractic care that is among the best I've ever had (if not the best). The staff is kind and helpful. It's a convenient location with parking in back. And the payment plans and prices can't be beat. 
- Christina

Dr. Iris is the BEST!! I have had problems with a pinched nerve in my shoulder for years and have been givin the run around by sooo many chiros who want me to come back over and over again doing one little adjustment at a time or wanting to take expensive x-rays. Not Dr. I she gets down to the root of the issue. SUBLUXATION!! (see Dr. Iris I learned something;) She gives me a full adjustment every time I see her and is always willing to make up a payment schedule that works for me. I go once a week and leave feeling FANTASTIC!! 
- Amy

I'm almost at a loss of words after meeting with Dr.Iris. She is SO amazing!! I can't believe I found one of the few doctors that want to help and actually care about you. She's so understanding and even if you think you can't afford her...you can! She will work with you on a sliding scale. GO SEE HER she will do wonders for you. Parking lot in the back right above Hollywood Gym so no worries about parking!!! I love her and will continue to see her as long as possible. 
- Liz

Wonderful, wonderful people.

1. Dr. Iris is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and committed to helping you not only improve your health in the short-run, but develop healthy habits for life. She has a holistic approach to medicine and total body healing. Her positive energy is contagious.
2. The front desk staff are always friendly and cheerful. Scheduling appointments is a breeze.
3. The massage was heavenly. My massage therapist even navigated around two newly-pierced microdermal anchors on my upper back (prime massage area). He was extremely attentive for the entire hour.
4. They truly do make chiropractic care affordable. As a college student, Dr. Iris worked with me to come up with an affordable plan, without insurance. 
5. Reoccurring lower back pain (14+ years of ballet) is what brought me to the office. It's been 4 adjustments, and it's completely gone, but I will definitely be returning for regular bi-weekly or monthly adjustments. :)
- Gloria

I feel home here! Dr. Iris is such a caring, sweet and understanding free spirit! She truly has the well being of her patients at heart. She is not only knowledgeable but also takes the time to explain and educate her patients. She is the sweetest Chiropractor in  Los Angeles! :) They are very accommodating and Jenny and Miriam are the sweetest and helpful Chiropractic Assistants you'll meet! Come here for your full innate wellness potential. You won't have any regrets. Full massage therapy services also a plus! Rene is amazing!!! :) 
- Aileen

Dr. Iris is a GODDESS!!  Her adjustments are an absolute gift from the heavens!  I have been seeing Dr. Iris for a little over a year now, and I don't know if I'll EVER see anyone else.  I have been to many chiros, and none of them hold a candle to Dr. Iris and her healing hands.  Not only does she take loads of time with you and genuinely cares about your body AND soul, but her adjustments are strong and amazing.  I get the worst migrane headaches on occasion.  Dizziness, blinding, vomiting, the whole nine yards.  I had one for about 9 hours one day, went into her office, and literally 10 minutes after she did whatever she does to my neck, the migraine from Hell had been conquered, and I had he energy to do everything that I hadn't been able to get done during my day!  Everyone should go see Dr. Iris!  Free parking too!
- Danielle

Dr Iris is amazing!!!  And so is the rest of the staff at Halo, I went to three different chiropractors until i finally found her and i am so pleased i did. She always has a positive upbeat personality that is contagious, and she helps you relax while she ease's your pain. She also offers massage therapist in the office that are truly amazing.  Conveniently located in Hollywood off La bra inside the Hollywood Gym, parking included... You must check her out! 
- Melissa

Four months of treatment from Dr. Iris have shown fantastic results. My posture is better and my back pain is all but gone (it shows up for brief periods now and again). An interesting thing is that I now realize that I had pain that I wasn't even aware of, so I feel better than I have in years. I think the most important thing is that I simply don't think about my back anymore. Now and then I'll be getting up from the couch and realize, oh wow, that didn't hurt! But other than that, my back has become a non-issue, leaving me to more important issues--like my wardrobe. 
- Brian

I've been to a lot of chiropractors and Dr. Iris has by far been the best!  You never get the feeling that she's trying to rush you out the door which totally irks me about doctors.  She wants to address all your concerns and truly wants to help you be happy and healthy.  I had a bit of whiplash from a snowboarding fall and she made me feel much better.  I'm definitely going back for more adjustments and massages!

There's ample free parking in the back.  The receptionist was super nice and helpful.  They have wonderful pricing for first timers and specials to boot.  Your consultation is free whereas other places I researched charged up to $125 for the initial consultation.  And in these trying times, they made it clear that they were willing to work with me in order to get the care I need.  Rock on for healthcare professionals who actually care about your health!
- Wendy

Dr. Iris Williams is amazing. It's really rare when you can truly call someone a healer, but it fits Dr. Iris. Her adjustments have cleared up my persistent headaches, a strange ankle pain and recent knee trouble. She's super patient and positive and always has time to talk about what's going on with my body and answer any questions.

As a big bonus, the staff at Halo are very sweet and accommodating. I've been late quite a few times, and they're always just happy I made it in. 
- Rachel

I was having lower back pain for as long as I can remember, (being only 24 years old, I figured that was not normal...) ...
I decided to go to Dr. Iris after reading these Yelp reviews.
All I can say is, WOW! 
There is no question in my mind that chiropractic care works now. Dr. Iris is the sweetest and most caring doctor I've ever been too. She will work with you on payment options and actually cares when she asks, "How are you feeling?" 
I've been going for a month now and can definitely notice a difference in my back, neck, and shoulders. My stress levels have decreased as well. The reviews aren't lying when they call Dr. Iris a 'healer'... 
- Bonnie

I've been coming here for under a month but every visit is invigorating and educational. The injury I came to correct seems to have healed miraculously; I'm also seeing improvements in other aspects of my health that I wasn't even aware of before getting chiropractic care. Dr. Iris is very attentive and informative. Highly recommended! 
- Steve

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