Dr. Iris Williams


Dr. Iris graduated with her Doctorate from the Chiropractic program at Life University in 2002.  She was first licensed in South Carolina where she spent a year practicing in the small town of North Augusta.  After this year, she decided to make the move to live her dreams in Los Angeles. She spent 4 years practicing in Orange County, before serving the Chiropractic needs of Hollywood. 

Many of Dr. Iris’ patients work in the Entertainment Industry, she believes Halo Chiropractic is truly a family practice and treats patients of all ages and backgrounds. She is certified in 12 adjusting techniques in order to best suit the needs of all her patients. 

Born and raised in Detroit, Dr. Iris first encountered Chiropractic when a medical condition she suffered as a teenager left her in chronic pain. It was through her diligent Chiropractic and wellness regimen that Dr. Iris was able to overcome her condition, a regimen she joyfully continues to this day.

Dr. Iris has built Halo to be the perfect balance between uplifting, educational, energetic, and especially healing. She wants patients to walk away from each adjustment understanding how their nervous system should be functioning.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Iris is heavily involved in Chiropractic education.  She enjoys teaching at local Chiropractic colleges and delivering her popular workshop “Dis-Ease Prevention” to corporations and groups across the greater Los Angeles area.  

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